Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Chronic Crafter Who Wants To Share The Love

             There comes a point in everyone’s life where they realize they have a knack for something.  I’ve always been creative and I enjoy cooking, baking and eating delicious food (lots & LOTS of delicious food); however, I never realized how much fun crocheting, crafting and creating could be.  I quickly discovered the latter when my husband and I moved 2 states away from our friends and family for him to accept a teaching job.  I will inform you, this isn’t just ANY teaching job.  Oh no, you will soon come to find out that I don’t ever do anything the normal or socially acceptable way, so why should this job be any different? This teaching job just happens to be in a county with 2 stop lights. 

                Ok, now, I want you to go back and read that last sentence and let that sink in. Do it. Read it again. That’s right everyone—one COUNTY, TWO stoplights. TWO! There is one grocery story in town, we live 30 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart, and 75 miles from any sort of recognizable mall OR shopping center OR movie theater. (Ok, so there is one movie theater that is about 40 miles away, but trust me…you don’t want to go there—unless of course you want some sort of unrecognizable rash from the itchy seats, and then by all means, please attend that movie theater.)

                Ok, back to the original task at hand, describing my crafting.  Being that my husband and I made the move that we have, I have had plenty of time for crafting, cooking, creating, baking, eating (way too much eating) and anything else that you can imagine that doesn’t include any sort of civilization. J  My serious crafting starting with my homemade Exfoliating Hand & Body Scrubs (which you can order from my etsy if you so wish.) and has since grown immensely.  When I originally thought about making exfoliating scrubs, I found several recipes floating around pinterest (aka crafters’ crack), but decided to edit some of the ingredients to keep the scrub from separating and so the recipe could be stored for a long time without expiring, as I was going to give it as a Christmas Gift.

                So I whipped up a batch, tried it out for myself and…HOLY CRAP! IT WORKED!! IT REALLY WORKED…and IT WORKED WELL!  It worked so well in fact, that Hubby took it to work to have his colleagues try it out and several people bought it for their friends and family for Christmas. (YAY ME!)  From there someone suggested I get into the local craft shows, which I did, and I’ve had extreme success! J 

                After my Exfoliating Scrubs came learning to crochet, where I then made several blankets, cute hats and scarves for Christmas, then I decided to dabble in a little jewelry making.  (People, let me tell you…a town with 2 stop lights leaves you with LOTS of time to learn new things!)  I’ve spent the past few months learning different techniques for jewelry making and have enjoyed every minute of it!
A slouchy hat I crocheted. (Oh look, for those of you who don't know me, this isn't one of those blogs where you have to spend your time wondering what the writer looks like...HERE I AM!)

A blanket made for my baby sister. (Ok, she isn't really a baby, but she's my baby sister)

Hat made for my mother-in-law

A baby hat that has no owner.

                Whew! I'm glad we got all that out of the way. All of that long windedness to explain that, this is my little corner of the internet and in this little corner I will be doing a little creating, a little crafting and a LOT of cooking! J I’ll provide some tutorials, share my success (and failure) stories and give recipes and link my etsy shop if you REALLY like my things.  So, if you aren’t bothered by EXCITED CAPS sentences, too many explanation points!! (and side tracked stories in parentheses), hang around and we can have some fun!


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    1. Don't know how that^ happened :(

      I said something like, I'm so excited to read this and I can't believe how much you've learned to do! I've had homemade scrubs pinned forever, but haven't gotten around to trying them. I'm excited you've had so much success with them. I could never get up the courage to actually sell anything. Good for you!

      Tag, you're it :)