Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY Hand Sanitizing Lotion

Colder weather is slowly but SURELY approaching.  This means as I go into the elementary school to substitute I run the risk of touching pencils, on which lives an immeasurable amount of germs.  I mean, SERIOUSLY last week I watched a little girl pick her scab, eat it, and then continue to suck the blood out of her cut. (*BARF!!*) Lord, I know I did some nasty things as a child (we've all tasted a booger, who hasnt?! If you tell me you haven't you're a LIAR!) but scabs never seemed appetizing to me, and drinking blood is for really good, but extrememly cheesey vampire novels. Maybe that childn needs an iron pill. Bleck!

Now that you know what I'm up against, you understand the need for the sanitation!  But, who wants the feeling of dry nasty hands after using hand sanitizer...NOT ME! As I was working with a teacher last week I noticed that she had a lotion that was a 2-in-1.  It was hand sanitizer AND LOTION! It literally blew my mind.  So I started thinking..rather than buying yet ANOTHER thing of lotion (because the amount of lotion I own would lead you to believe I have sister wives), why not try to make it myself?

Cue DIY Hand Sanitizing Lotion.

Ok, Let's not judge this poor label job. It looks a lot better than when it started. :)
 It's Simple...You literally need

Lotion (that smells YUMMY)
Rubbing Alcohol
An Empty Container

As you apply the lotion you smell alcohol, but alcohol is fast evaporating and once it has evaporated it leaves no scent, so what you are left with is the original scent of your lotion. This statement is husband approved. I made him smell my hands to check for alcohol scent. :)

Now I am armed with something that will both sanitize my hands and keep them moisturized. And Ya'll I'm not playing...elementary school is NASTY. I'm convinced it's the original breeding ground for every disease there ever was.

So please, go forth make your own hand sanitizing lotion and be happy.


  1. Can you substitute hand santizer?

  2. Also, do you remember what the brand of the lotion your co-teacher had?

  3. Gold bond makes one but hard to find I found it so far only at Wlamart