Friday, September 21, 2012

Homemade Dog Treats- Operation Make Cooper Happy

Recently, Mr. Cooper, our beloved beagle has been acting out.  Over the summer we had allowed him to be out of his kennel for short periods of time while we were gone.  Our goal was to eventually leave him out of his kennel permanently. That way, Cooper could enjoy the his life from the comfort of his little blue chair and we didn't have dog-parent guilt about having him caged.

Oh, but our goals were in vain. VAIN I tell you, because since the school year has started Cooper has been a HOLY TERROR! His separation anxiety has sky-rocketed and he has just been the HOLIEST OF ALL HOLY TERRORS!  If we leave him out of his kennel, he gets into the trash, eats anything that is on the coffee table, takes the cushions off the couches and spreads them across the room.  If we kennel him, he pees in his kennel.  Not only does he pee IN the kennel he pees OUT of the kennel. He lifts his leg in order to make it outside and inside the kennel; thus, creating the BIGGEST mess possible for hubby and I to clean up!  He also ate an entire box of Oreos.  I'm not sure what I was more upset about, the mess that was all over the house or the fact that he ate ALL of the cookies. EVERY. LAST. ONE!

What?! Me's not Holy Terror! Me WUVS youu!

One night, NO JOKE, Cooper squatted on the carpet and started peeing.  I could HEAR the stream hitting the carpet.  I sat up and started yelling "NO COOPER NOOOOO!!" This is normally enough to startle him and make him realize he's doing something wrong, but OH NO. Not that night. Do you know what he did?! He looked me DEAD IN THE EYE and continued to pee on my carpet!! OH. NO. HE. DIDN'T.

HE. WENT. THERE. I could have killed him. I smacked his behind (you know because dogs totally understand that? I'm a horrible dog parent.) and clipped him outside where he stayed until hubby and I resolved the carpet. -sigh-

I won't EVEN get into his most disgusting stunt that left hubby and me feeding him hydrogen peroxide to ensure he vomitted. LORD HAVE MERCY!

Needless to say, Cooper has shown us in EVERY way possible that he is NOT adjusting to the new schedule and he does not enjoy his Mom and Dad being gone for such long periods.

How dare we got to work and make money to buy him food!! (Ungrateful little brat.)

Now, after all of that complaining...I will say I kind of feel bad for the little man.  Here we were spending all of our time with him over the summer, taking him on trips to see the family, staying home and cuddling with him during the week and then *BOOM* we leave him. ALLLLL ALOONNEEE!

So...I've decided I'm launching "Operation Make Cooper Happy!".  The next few posts will be dedicated to Cooper and trying to make him feel a little better about the new schedule. Because everyone knows spoiling your children, human or canine, is the best way to make them happy and healthy children. Heh! I really hope we are better human-parents than dog-parents.

Alright, onto Operation Make Cooper Happy! The mission? Cooper Cookies.

Here's the Step-by-step

Cooper loved these! They are simple to whip up.

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  1. I know some humans who would eat these just because of the peanut butter.