Sunday, September 2, 2012

Punkins & Pretty Walls

I’ve been in an extremely festive mood lately! I have been itching to get my fall décor out, but I knew my fall decorating needed a little help. So, with the expertise of a husband who knows how to use power tools we whipped up this ADORABLE wall hanging so I could put my fall wreath on it and made these SUPER ADORABLE punkins! (Yes, I just said PUN-kins. :D) I am BEYOND excited to show you how to make these!
Wall Hanging

Materials Needed:
*1piece of wood about 8ftx5.5 in
*1piece of wood about 5ftx1.5in
(*If you have scrap wood, you can substitute anything you want for your desired look.)
Start out with a piece of wood aproximately 8ft long by 51/2 inches wide. (You can change the size of wood to accomodate how you want yours to look.) Then cut the wood into 3 equal size pieces. Or you know, have your sexy, strong-bodied, husband do it for you. ;)

Arrange the pieces on the floor so you can measure the width and add your smaller pieces to the front. (Check out those sexy toes! I love me a nice pedicure!)

This is what it looks like before it's coat of paint! It's coming together!
Add a coat of watered-down white paint and it's good to go!
So Festive! So Adorable! YAY! :D

Now, I mentioned before how my fall decorating needed a little help.  So, to fix that problem...I made these SUPER cute PUNKINS! (I just can't get enough of the word punkin. lol)

Here's what you'll need:
1 4x4
Twigs (that you find in your yard)
Leaves, wire or anything else you want to decorate your punkin

I made my hubby WORK today, friends! ;) Cut your 4x4 into 3 peices.  I did 16in, 12 in and 10in. (Feel free to do what you wish.)

Drill holes in the tops so your twigs fit SNUG. (If you drill your holes to big just hot glue or wood glue your twigs in.)

Add some orange paint, wire and hot glue a leaf.  I also sanded the edges of mine to give them a little distressed look. :D And you're finished!
I'm sure I'm going to be doing more festive crafts. I really want to make this wreath, and this cake stand, and these punkins, and this table cloth. Ya'll (I just went southern on you, so now you know I mean business) I have BIG plans for this seasons decorating! Just stay tuned.


  1. fabulous :) I am making those pumpkins, thanks! I've been a decorating fool lately too. You beat me to the blogging!!

  2. I don't get into crafts too much but heck I might make some of those "punkins" they are so fricking cute!