Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beardless At The Beach

Beardless At The Beach; I'm pretty sure the title explains it all.  Today, the group took a road trip to VA Beach.  Needless to say, it was sunny, warm and delightful!  Well, except the part where I swallowed half the ocean and spent about 15 minutes hacking and being disgusting to try and get the EXTREME burning sensation out of the back of my throat.  (There should be discretionary warnings near the beach. "CAUTION WHEN SWALLOWED THE OCEAN INFLICTS EXTREME PAIN TO NASAL PASSAGES AND ESOPHAGUS!"  Perhaps they should even pass out nose plugs and goggles.)

So today’s post will be fairly short.  I’ll show you a few pictures of us at the beach (Raymond Beardless at the Beach) and include a home remedy for swimmer’s ear that I found here.  I figured that would be appropriate. My favorite remedy is this one:
"Very simple solution that my daughters EN&T specialists told me. Rubbing alcohol & white vinegar. Mix equal parts (1 table spoon to 1 table spoon) use either a dropper or cotton ball (to suck up the mixture) place 2-3 drops in each ear in the a.m & repeat at nite. IF swimming, ONLY use the drops AFTER swimming for the day. Continue for a week. IF situation does not get any better seek medical attention asap!! Good Luck Everyone!!"
Another writer also said to WARM the solution to body temperature before putting it in your ears to decrease the risk of dizziness.  There are several other remedies on the website, so feel free to venture to the site and check it out for yourself! :)
Taking a break to eat some lunch! If you've never seen one of these "half tents", I highly recommend them! They are HEAVENLY! :)  It creates a nice little cubby to have lunch free of the sunshine and without having to sit in the sand.

Baby sister chillin' in the half tent! :) Look at those beautiful baby blues!

Me and my baby-faced sweetheart! <3

Yay for brothers! :) 

Soon, our family will head back to Ohio and it’s a bittersweet feeling.  I won't miss the small dog that has wrecked HAVOC in the house for the past week; I won't miss the amount of dirty dishes that accumulates from 5 people eating 3 meals a day in the house; and I'm definitely not going to miss sharing our ONE television with everyone! However, I am going to miss the EVER-LOVING-CRAP out of my family! It's difficult being far away and it's going to be difficult to say goodbye.
Until Next Time My Good Friends! :) 

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  1. I'm getting one of those half tent things! It would be great for me, especially since I'm allergic (yep, ALLERGIC) to the sun!! Baby Wonder didn't inherit that, thankfully :)

    Love the sunhat, BTW