Friday, August 3, 2012

Crochet Hooks & Bittersweet Goodbyes

Tonight is the last night with the family as they will be traveling back to Ohio tomorrow morning.  It's been quite the week, from puppy turds to beardless beach trips, we've had one heck of a good time! 

I'm ready to have the space all to myself again, especially since hubby goes back to work in a week,(BUMMER!) but like I said before, I am REALLY going to miss my family. Anyway, on to the crafting I've been doing today. 

As I mentioned before, my sister brought her little yappy thing with her when she came to visit.  Here let me show you:
Don't let that sweet little face trick you! Her name is Katniss (aka Nissy) and the name fits her perfectly. She's a fiesty, never-quit-running, mouthy little thing!! But, before she left I had to get crafty and send her home with some adorable clothes!

Using this tutorial (this person does a really good job of explaining how to make the sweaters, so rather than redoing it and putting it here, I figured it would be best for you to use her site.) I made her 3 different sweaters and then my sister requested I make her a bikini.  I fondly called it: The Dogkinni! This pattern I made up on my own, but if you're interested in crocheting a dogkini I will eventually put up a tutorial. 


For those who have an interest in making crocheted flowers (similar to the one pictured above) here is the pattern!

Crochet Flower:
Key--Ch=Chain, sc=single crochet, sl st= slip stich, hdc= half double crochet

Ch 4, sl st to join

Rnd 1- Ch 2, 9 sc in loop, sl st into 2nd ch in Ch2
Rnd 2- *Ch 2, dc in next st & hdc in same st, sl st in next st
Rnd 3- Repeat * until end then sl st between the two petals. Cut and weave ends

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