Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY Shimmer Lotion

I was talking to my sister this morning, ok, fine, I'll be honest. I was talking to her this afternoon, because I didn't wake up until almost 11am.

Firstly, 11 is still in the AM so, I'm not that lazy.  Secondly, it's the weekend...and well. That's it. It's the weekend. You should also know that I went to sleep at 10:30pm on a Friday and now Hubby is napping on the couch, even though we went to bed early and woke up SUPER LATE. (Hubby and I are getting OLD.)

Moving on. Lord, I get off track a lot. She was talking to me about shimmering body oil and how awesome it was and how she smelled so good today. Because I am 10 hours away and can't possibly smell her from this distance (if I could that would be INTENSE), so I will have to take her word on it. 

However, that got my brain turning...

I started thinking I want glittery stuff to put all over my body!

(Yes. All. Over. My. Body.) *clears throat*

Anyway, I'm not about to find some glittery lotion in this town so I decided to figure out how to make my own.


So, here we go. :D

This is what I used.
And this is how you do it! :D (As I was typing that I was signing that Montell Jordan Song in my head...) Hello 90's Kid! "la la la la la la la la...This is how we do it...It's Friday Night..."  "This is how we do it.." Still singing.
 Oooo. Swirly.

Lid of a mason jar decorated with scrapbook paper. CUTE!
I was just reading this and realized how ADD it is. LOVE IT!
So now, I have my shimmery lotion for FREE. I had everything I needed here and I didn't have to drive to the ends of the earth to find the closest Victorias Secret or Bath and Body Works. BOOM!

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