Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Wreath Failure turned AWESOME Picture Frame

You ever have those moments when you're like "I'm totally going to do this, and it's TOTALLY going to be awesome and EVERYONE is going to love it and I'm going to be the best crafter on the face of the planet!!" (Followed up by evil laughter and the rubbing of your greedy palms together.) Oh, you don't ever do that? Guess it's just me.

Well, I should tell you: this was a TOTAL failure. I was all I'm going to make this adorable wreath.  And the wreath was all, YOU WISH! So, needless to say...I had this wreath(ish) thing that I wasn't sure what I was going to do with. Those that know me also know that I'm not raking in the cash; therefore, I REFUSE to throw away a project! Grr! So you ask "WELL, what the heck did you do with it then?!" And am I ever so glad that you asked! I turned it into this!

It's still a wreath...right?! It just needed a little help. It is now a wreath that frames my mirror! YAY!
I'll go ahead and show you how to make a wreath failure/AWESOME picture frame, just in case you're interested. :)

Old Piece of Cardboard
Leaves/Other Decorating Stuff (I hate the word stuff...why did I use it? I don't know. On to the project!)

Trusty piece of cardboard rescued from the cardboard dumpster at the school. (Isn't that illegal or something?) :/ ALL IN THE NAME OF CRAFTING I TELL YOU!

Cut out a rectangle, or square if you wish. You're choice. Mine was about 2ft long by 1.5ft wide.
This once sad looking wreath now looks astounding amongst the other fall decor in the house. Best. Failure. Ever.
Perhaps I did learn a lesson in humility. Enjoy. :)

Oh! P.S. I had a little fun over at Seven Thirty Three and Sew Much Ado today and joined a link party! YAY! If you want to play along visit their blogs, grab a button (I put my super cute buttons in my sidebar) and have some fun!

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