Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Blocks

I have an obsession with wood crafts lately.  I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps my motive is to squeeze the last little bit of manual labor out of my husband before the school year gets into FULL swing and he's too exhuasted to help me. ;)

My poor husband. It's a good thing I put bananas with cheesy notes in his lunch box or else he may never help me.

Moving along.

In the process of milking my husband for manual labor, I made these cute little guys using ispiration from pinterest (go figure)!!
Seriously...SO STINKIN' CUTE! They require no stencils either, becuase they are supposed to look rustic.  
 So, as always here's how you do it:

Now, I will admit...Fall is not my favorite season. I hate the time change and the darkness and the general BLAH of the sky when it's fall time; however, these cute punkins I've been making are really starting to heighten my excitement for this season! :D

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