Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Infamous, Long Awaited, Beard Shaving Party

Today has been quite the busy day. Not only did I have a meeting with my new advisor at Old Dominion University, which brought good and BAD news,  (-sigh- no one ever said this life thing was going to be easy.) I took a ride on a boat with the family AND I have been preparing for Hubby’s BEARD SHAVING PARTY!!
Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, you heard that correctly—His Beard Shaving Party.  My husband has had a full grown beard since the ripe old age of 14!...That’s FOUR-TEEN!!...1 (DASH) 4!! That means he has had this beard almost half as long as he’s been alive. WOAH! The only time I’ve ever seen him without his beard is in his senior pictures.  J  Life is about to get REAAALLL interesting! 

This is a milestone; a milestone in our marriage, and our lives in general. So, I thought what better way to document this milestone than to BLOG ABOUT IT! We are going to have pictures to document EVERY part of this.  We have baked and decorated cookies with faces in various stages of beard shaving, which I am going to include pictures of incase you have the sudden urge to make beard cookies yourself!

Really, this is like a three for one—a sugar cookie decorating tutorial, a little sneak peek into our evening boat ride AND the milestone of our lives.  Seriously…this milestone may be bigger than the day we bought our car! So, get ready, because for those of you who know my husband, this is going to be AWESOME for you!

Hold on tight, because HERE WE GOOOO!!!
First, the cookies! (What?! I have to shave the best for last...I mean SAVE the best for last.)

Add the amount of icing you want into a sandwich bag.

Cut a LITTLE bit of the corner off, and squeeze the icing to the tip.

Put a line of icing all the way around the outter edge of the cookie. This will ensure the rest of your icing stays on the cookie.
Melt a color that you want as the background and dribble a little on to the cookie. Use the fork to spread it evenly.

 Now, decorate! Some of the cookies we used cinnamon as the beards.  The rest of the beards were made with chocolate icing. :)

 Yay for Beard Shaving Parties!!

Double Yay for Boat Rides!! :)

And Now...What you've all been waiting for!!

                            Before                                                After (Who is that smokin' hot man?!)

Until next time friends.

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  1. don't know what to do about this.. .He looks like a totally different person! Lookin' good!!