Monday, October 22, 2012

The Date Night Jar

Today I've been in a funk...I'm sorry. Correction: I've been in a funk for the past couple of days. I'm not sure why. It comes and goes, but mostly, it comes. UGH!

When these "funky" times come I get fixated on things. I will concentrate on things I think will fix the problem INSTANTLY and make me feel better; however, in all honesty it would probably just create a whole NEW bundle of unforeseen issues that I'm not ready to handle.

Take for instance the fact that I've been OBSESSED with having a baby the past couple of months.  I've wanted to be a mom for a LONG LONG time (I'm talking at an age that is stupidly stupid to even consider having children) but the want has turned into a NEED the past couple of months.

It's ridiculous.

Anyway, this fixation is heightened by the fact that I've been feeling like utter crap and I've done convinced myself...CON-VINCED myself that a baby is the fix.


I know some of you are reading this and saying "She is on complete crack, or some other hallucinogen that would trick her brain into thinking this is a good idea."

To which I would reply, "I am not."

Simply put, I'm in a rut. An educational rut, a job rut, a crafty rut. Add to that the fact that the honeymoon phase may have ended the day hubby and I decided to poop with the door open. TMI? Too bad.  Anyway,what do you do when you're in a rut?! YOU MAKE BABIES! wrong. You do not, because that creates financial strain (more financial strain than we are already having) which then creates more issues which then turns your cozy little rut into an enormous BLACK HOLE!

black. hole.

Life has become mundane and nothing super interesting has been happening in the realm of the married life lately, (thus why I think adding a baby would spice things up...or something) which just spun the wheels harder making the rut feel deeper.

Alright already, when am I ever going to get to the REAL point of this blog post? Now.
So today, as I was surfing the web looking at random things I stumbled upon this LOVELY site that was oozing with was awesome!! :D I thought to myself: Self, this could be JUST what you're looking for! It could drag you out of this rut and give you and the hubby something interesting, exciting, lovey-dovey, FUN to do! I. Was. Right. (I love saying that.)

The site that I found? Love the Grows, which is a blog that is written by a girl named Bethany.  Her and her husband are newlyweds and there are all kinds of really cool things over there. (Check her out!)  One of the really cool things I found particularly interesting was the Date Jar.  I decided this could be something that helps drag me out of the rut and back onto solid ground.  Again, I. Was. Right. (sometimes it gets sweeter the more you say it.) ;)

Tonight, hubby and I sat down and created our very own Date Night Jar! We changed a few things from the original idea, but it works all the same.  :)

So, I will ask you...Is your relationship in a rut? Are you and your significant other snuggled up in the muddy rut on the side of the road? Do this! It's fun and exciting!

So Gather your supplies and your significant other and lets get to work!

You Need:
Mason Jar
Popsicle Sticks

We color coded our sticks, because we decided it would be pretty disappointing to pull out a stick with a date idea we couldn't afford to do. Thus, the color system was born! Green = MONEY! (these are the dates that cost $26 or more dollars) Blue = A little money ($11-25) and Red = (under $10 most of our ideas were free)

Some of our favorite Date Night Ideas:
-Dress up as your significant other's parents and do impressions
-Prank Call Night- Call as many random numbers as possible and see who all answers
-Dare Night
-Teach Hubby to sew night
-Challenge Night- Winner gets to wear a gold metal that the other person MAKES for them.
-Strip Wii night- I think this one explains itself. ;)

Well, there you have it. The rut busting, fun-creating, ooey-gooey-love making Date Night Jar.

Getcha Some! :) (No pun intended...seriously.)

Be looking for some fun posts about the dates that hubby and I have pulled out of the jar! I can't wait to share them with you!

In all seriousness though, I've been seeing some super cute babies all over facebook.


  1. gah, move back to Ohio and you can borrow my little monster any time :)

  2. I would love that! :) I hope you relax and have fun in California. Can't wait to see your beautiful view!