Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mandarin Chicken

Hey all you wives out there, any of you ever have those days where you are seriously the worst. wife. ever.?


Oh yeah, me either. Heh

Ok, no...it all seriousness, I've been a bad wife lately.  I know some of you who read my previous post are all "But Marti, you just wrote this awesomely hilarious post about making a date jar a loving your husband and being all happy and junk." Mmhm, it's true. I did. And we are all happy and junk, but that doesn't mean we haven't had our trials getting there.

 On a scale of "Worst Wife Ever" to "Reincarnation of June Cleaver",lately my wife stats have dropped from "Pretty Awesome Wife" to "You Suck".


The Wife Scale

__10__......Reincarnation of June Cleaver
__8__.....Pretty Awesome Wife
__5__.......You Suck (aka Me)
__1__......Worst Wife Ever

 So, I mean I'm not all the way at the bottom, but eh...I need some serious improvement.

Marti, all of this for a recipe of Mandarin Chicken?!

Yes, because this blog is not only a place to enjoy some really good recipes and talk about my crafty projects, it is also a place for me to journal my life.  I want to be candid, honest and real with all of you.  I am human just like everyone else.  I don't want this blog to be something that portrays someone that I am not. Do I craft a lot?  Absolutely.  Do I like to try new recipes? Sure! Am I happy-go-lucky all the time? No. Is my marriage the perfect marriage ever?! No. Everything in my life is a work in progress. Everything. My crafting, my recipes, my cooking, my marriage and myself. This is a journey that I intend on writing about and writing about honestly.  (You've been forewarned.)

That being said, onto this recipe that I found at another one of the lovey-dovey-mushy-marriage sites.
Because of the lack of wifeishness (yeah, I make up words. So what.) on my part, I decided that I would surprise Raymond with a "chinese-ish" (again with the made up words.) dinner. :) I bought a cheap little centerpiece and some place mats at the dollar store, moved the coffee table to the middle of the kitchen, put some pillows on the floor as chairs, lit some candles and tried a new recipe. 
Mandarin Chicken
Chicken Breast (I used 1 piece butterflied, there was enough sauce for 2-3 pieces)
1 15ozCan Mandarin Oranges
1 6oz can pinapple (to use the juice)
3TBS Cornstarch
1/4 cup soy sauce
1tsp mustard
1TBSP vinegar
1tsp garlic powder

As your sauce boils and cooks down, the oranges will cook into the sauce.

 Serve over rice and enjoy! :)

Here are some pictures from our dinner! :)

Look ad Hubs enjoyin' his dinner!

Look who joined us for dinner!
Cooper is SERIOUSLY eye-balling that food!

And I'll leave you with this little number. :)


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