Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Segway Into The New Year

Before you go all APE-CRAP on me, let me just say...Yes, I know I spelled Segway wrong. However, I really didn't spell it wrong and later in this post you'll find out why. :D

We have recently returned from a LONG trip back home. For me it's always bitter sweet. I was so ready to sleep in my own bed, decide what I was cooking for dinner, control my t.v., and sleep in my GLORIOUS GLORIOUS BED.

Oh. I already mentioned that. Well, really, that's probably what I missed the most. However, it is always really sad to leave my family behind. In fact, it's almost painful. About 60 miles out from middle of nowhere town, my heart started to sink. Depression sank in for a bit,and it Sucked. With a CAPITAL S. :(

Being that we just returned, my house looks like a BOMB went off. I still have Christmas decor up from before we left. The dishes are semi-finished, because who wants to do dishes after they've traveled for 10 hours and not seen their own bed for 3 weeks?! The coffee table is in the middle of the kitchen; more on this later. Junk scatters the entryway table because it was brought up from the car and dumped in the first spot of convenience. You know what...a picture would probably do it more justice. Let me just humble myself and show you what it looks like to be thoroughly exhausted after a 3 week trip and a 10 hour drive.

Oh, the lovely clutter on the table over there and all over the floor.

You can see here that I used my new bubbling foot bath from the hubs and didn't bother to find a home for it. :)

Mmhm. That's a globe in the middle of the floor. I told you my husband is a history buff!

Now, because I am not a TOTAL gluten for punishment, I won't show you what my bedroom looks like. I think I'll keep a little of my dignity.

So you see what I'm up against. My brain has barely wrapped around the mess and traveling and getting back into drama club and making dinners and RAWR! AND on top of that the coffee table is in the middle of the kitchen because I am starting to work out. I'm hoping I can keep up with it long enough to beat the stigma of "resolutioners". :) Plus add to that, Raymond's birthday is quickly  approaching and I have a pretty intense schedule to get back to!

As I sat amongst the mess of this house today I was thinking "Hmmm, what am I going to do for my history buff husband this year?" I did some googling...and guys, I came up with the BEST idea ever!!

Ha! Yeah, what they said. source
We are going to go on a Segway tour! It's a 2 hour tour where we get to RIDE SEGWAYS through the historical parts of Richmond! Boom! Who's an awesome wife?!

Yeah, me.

This is where the crafty comes out in me. I didn't want it to be all boring and me just be like "Oh, hey...guess what, we're riding Segways for your birthday." So I drafted up a little letter with a distressed looking background, and created my own little ticket stub.

This was all done on Microsoft word using the "draw your own text box" tool and with some clip art. I believe I typed in antique to the clip art and found the neat antique looking background for the ticket and his birthday letter. Though he was given his trip REALLY early, I have a few extra tricks up my sleeve and I will be sharing those with you as soon as I get working on them. :)

Yay for the first blog post of 2013!! Hopefully the next one won't take a week to be published!

P.S.- Since it has taken almost a week for my Internet to cooperate enough to allow me to upload pictures, the house is back in working order and it doesn't look like I am well on my way to being a hoarder. Christmas it boxed up and put away neatly! Can anyone say Thank you Jesus?! Whew!

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